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About Sharm El Sheikh
Sharm El Sheikh is located at the south-eastern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, and is one of the Middle East's leading tourist destinations. The fame of Sharm is due to essential factors like the climate along the Red Sea which is perfect with year-round sunshine, as well as world class diving, a variety of water sports, desert life and a large variety of excursions. The tourism started during the Israeli occupation of Sinai mainly by divers and adventure seekers, and then construction of the first hotel (now Helnan Marina) and camping facilities were made in Neama Bay. A small settlement town was also constructed on what now is known as Hadaba. In 1979 the Camp David peace agreement was signed with Israel and in 1982 Egypt regained control over Sinai. During the 80's the first Egyptian and foreign young people started the first generation of Sharm Residence with small investments in diving, hotels and retail mainly. The real booming in Sharm development started in the 90s' and hasn't stopped since. Now Sharm has grown to a small town with all facilities and a very cosmopolitan population making it their home of choice. 

Journey time from most European cities is between 4 to 5 hours directly to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

Time: (+2) GMT
Language: The official Language of Egypt is Arabic. English, Italian and Russian are widely spoken.
Continent: The Suez Channel separates Asia from Africa so Sharm El Sheikh is in Asia while the West side of the Channel is Africa only a 3.5 hours drive by car from Sharm or 55 minutes by plane.

Sharm El Sheikh is located on a 35 km coast with 5 main areas:
Hadaba: Where you find a number of residential villas by the stunning sea, with nice views over the port. This is also the first residental area in Sharm, beside a numbers of resorts, hotels and motels.
Old Market (Down town): This is the Market area with bazaars, arts, restaurants, local cafes and the true oriental atmosphere.
Neama Bay: This is the tourist center of Sharm El Sheikh with a calm and beautiful promenade along the beach with a large variety of restaurants, nightclubs, cafes, shops and international franchises. From sunset to early morning Neama Bay is full of life. With many cozy residential complexes.
Nabq Bay: A rapidly developing area seen as the future of Sharm with its beautiful beaches and expanding resort and residential complexes.
Montazah: Is also a fast developing residential area nearby the airport and with a number of resorts surrounding it.

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