Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm El Sheikh is the perfect holiday- and investment destination, with year-round sunshine, world-class diving, and a wide variety of water sports and low living costs.

Excellent snorkeling and diving
Sharm El Sheikh is Egypt's most popular beach resort, where you can enjoy lazy days in the sun, and some of the finest diving in the world. With beautiful mountains on one side, and the clear Red Sea on the other, this enchanting holiday resort is the best place to have a second home. The Red Sea coast provides both sandy beaches and beautiful beaches for perfect snorkeling. With only snorkeling equipment, you can experience a unique underwater world with beautiful coral reefs and exotic, colorful fish.

Perfect climate and summer weather
Sharm El Sheikh has a very stable and warm climate. Here you have guaranteed sunshine and sea temperatures between 22 and 30 degrees all year. The dry desert climate provides a low humidity, which means that the temperature in the summer months does not feel higher than in Southern Europe. There is approx. 5 rainy days a year in Sharm.

Affordable prices on properties and living
You get good value for money in Sharm, starting from 442,000 EGP for a one bedroom apartment in a compound with swimming pool, close to the beach.In addition there are low prices on your every day needs, and with super markets like Carrefour and Metro, it is easy to live in Sharm.

Perfect year around holiday or permanent home in a calm atmosphere.
Ask yourself if you want a nearby holiday home that you can use regularly? Or are you retired and looking for something that you can use for an extended period during winter months in a perfect climate, and rent it out when you like? Or are you simply looking for a large return on investment? The Red Sea covers all these needs.

Sharm El Sheikh is located on a 50 kilometer coastline, with five main areas:

Naama Bay:This is a tourist center of Sharm El Sheikh, with a long, cozy promenade, with a large selection of nice restaurants, cafes, bars and shops. There are also plenty of bazaars, casinos, nightclubs and discos. From sunset to early morning, Naama Bay is full of life. The city's popular sandy beaches are to be found in Naama Bay.

Hadaba: Hadaba is the first residential area in Sharm, and there are lots of villas, some shopping areas, unique cafes on the cliffs with stunning sea views, as well as beautiful beaches with perfect snorkeling conditions.

Old Market (Down Town): Sharm El Sheikh's market area with bazaars, restaurants, and local cafes, this is where you will find the real oriental atmosphere, great shopping, and the famous newly built great mosque.

Nabq Bay: Nabq is an area of ​​rapid development, and is expected to be Sharm El Sheikh's hotspot in the future. There are beautiful beaches and stunning hotel facilities, residential compounds, shopping and dining outlets.

Montazah: With its location near the airport and by the sea, this is also a residential area under rapid development, surrounded by beautiful residential compounds.

Location and some history ...

Sharm El Sheikh is located on the southeast tip of the Sinai Peninsula, and is one of the Middle East's leading tourist destinations. Divers and adventurous tourists were the first to start visiting the area, which began during the Israeli occupation of Sinai. This growing tourism led to hotels and camping facilities being established in Naama Bay, and later the first small residential area was expanded, now known as Hadaba. In 1979, the Camp David peace agreement was signed with Israel, and in 1982, Egypt regained control of Sinai. During the 1980s, the first Egyptian and foreign young residents started the first generation of residents with their small investments in diving, hotels and shops. In the 90's, Sharm's significant development started for real, and has never stopped since. Now Sharm has grown to become a small city, with lots of facilities and a multicultural population that has chosen to settle here. Travel time from most European cities is between 4 and 5 hours, directly to Sharm El Sheikh International Airport.

The Suez Canal divides Asia from Africa, leaving Sharm El Sheikh in Asia, while the western side of the mainland is in Africa, only 3.5 hours by car from Sharm El Sheikh, or 55 minutes by plane.